The LA MIsioneros FC took on Jamay tonight Saturday February 2nd. The Misioneros starting line-up was as follows: Goalkeeper: Luis Mendoza 1, Defenders: Jose Ortega 22, Justin Coleman 23, Eric Flores 18, Chris King 13, Midfielders: Leon Sharf 6, Angel Lomeli 16, Eduardo Barba 15, Michael Erush 21, Strikers: Francisco Mejia 20, Kyrian N 9.

“Jamay will not be an easy opponent, no opponent is ever easy, lets take this game one play at a time” said coach Ever Morataya to his team as they warmed up before the match.

The night had began on the bad side at the match began a bit late, near 8:30pm when it was scheduled to begin at 8:00pm. But from the start, the boys in blue began attacking the Jamay goal. The Misioneros offensive line kept its player coverage tight, wearing down the Jamay defense and pressuring them the entire game.

The Misioneros pressured Jamay all of the first half and out played them as the boys in blue had 3 corner kicks and 3 shots on target as opposed to the 1 shot by Jamay with no corner kicks.

Then in the second half in minute 50, on an error by the Jamay defense, Dinho #20 would take the ball away from the tall Jamay defender to break away on a 1 v 1 against the goalkeeper to knock in the first and only goal for the Misioneros.

Only 5 minutes later would Chakly #10 miss the game changing PK given in favor to the Misioneros on a foul committed to Andre T. Chacklys shot deflected off the top post on a hard strike down the top center of the goal..

Then in minute 82, GK Luis Mendoza was penalized and given a direct Red Card when he went up high for a ball only to bounce off an opponent inside the key. This gave Jamay their game changing opportunity, a PK. Rodolfo Lopez Alvarez was the one who shot the PK to tie up the match at 1 a piece.

The controvercial goal by Rene Anguiano #3 in minute 86, off a rebound on a FK by Chacly, was overturned and the game ended shorty as the LA Misioneros FC take their second tie of the season.

Final score, Jamay 1 - LA Misioneros FC 1


Luis Mendoza
Jose Pepe Ortega
Justin Coleman
Chris King
Eric Lopez
Leon Sharf
Michael Erush
Eduardo Barba
Angel Lomeli
Francisco Mejia
Kyrian N

Andy Gutierrez
Victor Mendoza
Danny Castro
Juan Perez
Frank Arteaga
Estuardo Sanchez
Andre T
Rene Anguiano
Chris Lopez
Gilbert P                     

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