The LA Misioneros FC U23 Reserve team took on Brazil today Friday as the rain came down on the field. The match kicked off at 8:15pm PST sharp. The Misioneros squad consisted of 10 players and 2 goalkeepers, a total of 12 players.

The lineup was as follows: Luis Mendoza (27) goalkeeper, at back Angel De Alba(4) captain, along with Eric Flores (18), Justin Coleman (23) and Chris King (13), in the middle Loen Sharp (6), Eduardo Lalo Barba (15), Danny Castro (11) and Gilber Pogosayan (7), and on top Francisco Dinho Mejia (20) and Kyrian Kid Nwabueze (9)  

From the start, the boys in blue began presuring the ball. "We know that our opponent will be running all night long tonight" said coach Ever Morataya before kick off. "But we have been working on defending and attacking and we are well prepared for their speed"

The Misioneros took an early lead in minute 13 when Kid #9 took on the Brazilian defense to score on a power shot on goal.

In minute 16 on a beautiful assist by Dinho #20 to Danny #11 would the boys in blue take an early 2-0 lead.

Then in minute 19, Kid would steal a ball pass to Dinho who sent in the assist back to Kid who blast a shot to take a strong 3-0 lead, Kids second goal of the night.

The Misioneros weren't done yet, in minute 26 Lalo #15 would score a nice shot on target on another assits by Dinho. 

Brazil would then start to pick up momentum as they kept attacking. In minute 35, a Brazilian player would receive a Red card, as well as De Alba #4 who was also given a Red card on a controvercial call by the center referee.

But in minute 37, a Brazil goal would keep the opponents alive.

At the end of the first half, Misioneros 4 Brazil 1.

As the second half kicked off, the Misioneros would come out attacking and moving the ball around with a quick touch. In minute 48 on a once again assist byDinho to Kid would he score once more to increase the lead to a demanding 5-1 .

Once again would the boys in blue score in minute 70 by Danny  after an error by the Brazil defense. 

Final score Brazil 3, and the LA Misioneros FC 6.

Yellow cards - Dinho #20(min 35), Leon #6(min 56) and Lalo #15(min 73).


Luis Mendoza
Angel De Alba
Eric Flores
Juistin Coleman
Chris King
Leon Sharp
Danny Castro
Eduardo Barba
Gilbert Pogosayan
Francisco Mejia 
Kyrian Nwabueze
Andy Gutierrez

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