The LA Misioneros FC Reserve team took a stand tonight as they faced Salinas Tires of the Los Angeles Premier Soccer League. The weather was in favor and the sun was out and bright as the match was about to kick-off. Everything was scheduled as planned, kick off took place at 8:20pm.

From the start, the LA Misioneros FC began attacking with fast ball movement over the entire field. Starters were as follow: in the back with GK Luis Mendoza, the defensive line was controlled by Angel De Alba, Jose Pepe Ortega, Eric Flores and Justin Coleman. The midfield was composed of Rene Anguiano, Gilbert Pogosyan, Chris King and Andre T, and the two attacking forwards Francisco Dinho Mejia and Danny Castro.

The First half was well defended by the Salinas defense. First half stats are as follow; shots on target 4 by Misioneros to 0 on Salinas, 3 corner kicks by Misioneros to 0 of Salinas. But then the Misioneros also had 6 offsides marked against them to 0 of Salinas, and both were evenly match on fouls committed. 

At the end of the first half, Misioneros 0, Salinas 0.

During the second half, the Misioneros changed their game plan and began creating lots of opportunities on goal. Not until minute 77 would Andre T take on 2 defenders down the center to set the opening score of the match to a 1 - 0 Misioneros.

Then in minute 85 Eduardo Barba assisted Chakly with an impressive pass which Chakly converted in a score. 1 minute later would Chakly return the favor to Lalo by assisting him and feed him a well handed ball by Lalo who would score the 3rd goal of the night.


Final score, LA Misioneros FC 3, Salinas Tires 0. 


Player of the Game: Andre T


Danny Castro
Rene Anguiano
Angel De Alba
Angel Lomeli
Andre T
Christian King
Eric Flores
Fransisco Dinho Mejia
Jose Pepe Ortega
Gilbert Pogosyan
Luis Mendoza
Blessing Ngwa
Danny Castro
Andre T
Justin Coleman
Kyian Kid Nwabueze
Angel Lomeli     

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