A controversial finish tonight as the LA Misioneros FC Reserve team took on La Barca FC of the L.A Premier Soccer League as their first match of 2013.

The afternoon was cold, as the breeze took its course with a temperature near 45 degrees.  But the Misioneros had other plans in mind.

“The cold weather was not of importance to us tonight, we wanted to come out and win, win our first match of 2013” said coah Ever Morataya before kick off. 

The LA Misioneros FC took the field, with keeper Luis Mendoza, at back Angel, Chris, Eric and Pepe. In the middle they counted on the experience of Leon, Rene, King and their rookie Lomeli, and at strikers with Dihno and Kid.

From the start, the Misioneros took control of the game, with a couple miss fires on target. Early in minute 10, on a pass from Francisco Dinho Mejia, Kyrian Kid would take the defense inside not before receiving a foul for a PK. Unfortunately Kid would miss the early PK with a soft shot to the bottom right of the goal.

But the Barca FC players had a few chance to make a move, but their front line would bump into the Misioneros wall of defenders who had an amazing night.

At the end of the half, the Misioneros had 3 more shots on goal, and 6 less fouls than the opponent.

At the start of the second half, Chris King and Angel Lomeli would be subbed out, and Andre T and Danny Castro would come in. This changed the game flow a bit. 

Danny would have two shots on target in a matter of 10 minutes. Then in minute 69 Danny would take away a ball from a Barca FC defensive error to score the first and only score of the match.

But 6 minutes until the end of the match, a Barca FC player would cause the center referee to cancel the match.

Final score, La Barca FC 0, LA Misioneros FC 1.

Tonights player of the game goes to Danny Castro, who not only scored the winning goal, but had 3 shots on target in less than 25 minutes. 

With the win tonight, the LA Misioneros FC move up the table and are currently tied at 1st place along with San Nicolas, both with 24 points. Both these teams will also meet at the 35th Annual Silver Mug International Tournament held in Las Vegas Nevada this following February, along with the Ventura Fusion.


Rene Anguiano
Angel De Alba
Leon Sharf
Angel Lomeli
Kyian Kid Nwabueze
Christian King
Eric Flores
Fransisco Dinho Mejia
Jose Pepe Ortega
Chris Lopez
Luis Mendoza
Gilbert Pogosyan
Juan Perez
Danny Castro
Andre T
Justin Coleman
Andy Gutierrez


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