Misioneros FC

Our sports objective
Our foundation is based on an unrelenting principle to compete as a high performing soccer team. We have a rigorous structured program that will develop and prepare our players for competitive soccer.

We will give our players the necessary tools this great sport requires with quality experts leading the organization. Strategic preparation and orientation will be fundamental for their development leading them to play and fulfill the requirements of any institution.

The average age is 23 years old and this gives us confidence that each player will have the strength and ability to contribute to this great team. Not only will we support the most talented players but we will also give extra support to the player who needs help to reach their maximum potential.

Our priority is to win but as a competitive sport we will also prepare the players to learn from defeats and continue forward.
Our commitment will be both on and off the soccer field. Our goal is to develop young soccer players at the professional level.

 Our philosophy
    •    A high performing sports project.
    •    A soccer team promoting our local and regional talent.
    •    A soccer team that will create an identity within the sports community.
    •    A community of young players practicing a sport of high performance leading to a healthier lifestyle.
    •    Youth more focused on sports and the value of discipline.
    •    A team oriented sport.
    •    A sport full of individual ability and skill per position.
    •    A team designed and prepared to go beyond.
    •    Regional, inter-state, and international games.
    •    Confidence to project the team at a national level.


This mission had its beginnings in 2010 and is the start of something huge and we are full of optimism.
Los Angeles Misioneros FC has history and has an unwavering commitment to our youth for a better future.
The name is derived from those missionaries who came from distant lands to evangelize the California area.

Our goal is another. Our focus is our youth, their passion, and their dream.
Los Angeles Misioneros FC is undoubtedly the result of one of the biggest initiatives in amateur soccer.

Our PDL team is part of the USL and is officially recognized by the USSA under FIFA. As a PDL team we are a stepping stool for players to compete at the professional level. Our sports institution will provide all the tools necessary to fulfill our sports vision.

Today we have the best proposals and largest projects in mind for our youth to develop into soccer stars.
We want to be part of this overwhelming passion that surrounds our fans.
We have a mission and you’re part of it!

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